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Working with the young generation of Polonia, who tries to speak Polish, disseminates knowledge about Polish culture and history, can promote Polish tradition in both native and foreign language has a significant impact on promoting a positive image of the country, especially outside its borders.


"Return to the roots on the Centenary of Independence"



The aim of the project is to promote Poland and Polish culture in the context of the history of Poland outside our country through the Polish youth from the United Kingdom. We are convinced that the activities disseminating knowledge about Polish culture and history through the descendants of the emigres of the forties who are already rooted in the societies of their countries is very effective. The activities will focus on the work of Polish and Polish youth living in Poland on the history of Poland in the context of their families' fate. The result will be an open website where we will publish information about the history and culture of Poland as well as individual family stories, genealogies, diaries, etc. The website (two language versions) will be maintained and open to Polonia from all over the world after the end of the project. At the same time, through social media and YouTube, we will disseminate the effects of the project in the world. We are particularly interested in inviting the descendants of soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Corps and people who, with the Second Corps, got out of the Soviet Union, we cooperate with Polish-American organizations from Great Britain.

The project will be attended by young people who participate in projects promoting our culture and history in the Podlasie Voivodeship as well as Polonia youth delegated by our partners, who will gather materials on the fate of their ancestors before they come to work on the workshops.

As part of our activities, we want to create twenty conditions for cooperation that favors their integration with their homeland, and especially enable Polonia youth to strengthen ties and direct contacts with Poland, deepen their knowledge of the Homeland and improve their ability to use Polish in practice.

The final effect of the activities carried out will be the preparation of materials (which will later be published in audiovisual form.) The subject matter of the materials are: individual family stories, genealogy-searching for relatives, photos, documents, diaries and other family memorabilia of the project participants. Each of 20 people will receive peer support from Poland that will help her reach places related to the history of her family or the town where she comes from.

The completed 40-hour educational program, enhancing their interactive presentation skills and knowledge about the history of Poland, will allow them to efficiently create a positive message of Poland, its culture and history in their countries of residence. Considering also the possibility of improving the Polish language in practice, thanks to contacts with Polish youth, the Polish community will strengthen their native language skills, which will help them to maintain established relationships as part of the project and contribute to establishing new relationships in the Polish community, staying at home and abroad .

The knowledge provided during the workshops organized as part of the project is an opportunity to develop the group in the context of preparing new local initiatives, especially in the area of ​​transfer of values ​​related to Polishness - tradition, culture and history. Thanks to this, a Polish youth group can become a living link between the home country and people of Polish origin and build a positive message about Poland in their local environments. Building awareness of their origins through deepening knowledge about Poland, primarily in the aspect of Polish history, maintaining national traditions, is also an important factor in nurturing their identity, which is important from the point of view of the next generations living outside the Republic of Poland, their national identity and communication with Poland.


More information about the Amicus Society can be found on our website: www.towarzystwoamicus.pl, or our FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/TijingwoAmicus/. Other questions will be answered by Mr. Maciej Skindzier, tel. + 48 517 553 152, e-mail: maciej.s@bia.pl.



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The project "Return to the roots of the Independence Century" was selected for co-financing as part of the tender for the implementation of tasks in the field of care for the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad in 2018.
The Polonia Office of the Chancellery of the Senate co-financed our offer with PLN 111 571.00.

Link to information about co-financing.

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